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From a vision laid out in a man’s garage here in Washington state, (we’re known for garage start-ups here – LOL) to the biggest retail outlet in the world!


And Awesome Amazon — selling almost everything there is to sell.. and growing into the worlds largest retail giant!

Their real power and growth is due to the ingenuity and innovations of its founder Jeff Bezos. The entire growth, from the early days of being the largest “bookseller” in the world – (Barnes and Noble disputed their claim and sued them) to adding CDs and then movies. Then they did something entirely different from every other retail seller – they let ordinary people, and small businesses sell used and new items on their sites pages.

That’s the equivalent of letting your competitors use your store to sell their products.

Not only that, but they did things to change the minds of millions of people who honestly believed that everything on the internet involving money or selling things were scams.

Amazing Amazon changed their minds Big Time!

They made integrity — honesty – and top quality goods with customer support and immaculate financial shopping carts and immediate shipping, the rule of thumb and not something special.

Amazon changed the face of internet marketing in the retail business and through their efforts became the standard of practice for all retailers. Who are now joining the online shopping malls with duplicates of their own offline stores.

From online booksellers to online book publishers, the Kindle tablet, grew so fast it needed more books to put on it. Millions of would-be authors had their dreams come true as Amazon would print anything that met their publishing standards.

Whats next everyone was watching and waiting to see.

And there it was: Amazon Prime – not only pre-paid shipping costs for serial buyers – but streaming Television with thousands of channels and music available for one low yearly price.

Joining the Fire TV crowd everyone is holding their breath to see if Cable is going to follow suit of Barnes and Noble and try and sue Amazon too. 🙂

So what does all this have to do with what we want to do. That is: to Save money? Millions of people world wide will be doing just that – as Amazon sets the pace for the rest of the retailers in the world.

For us – its fabulous discounts of everyday items. It makes it possible for small business owners and sellers to sell on the site that millions of people trust and use everyday. Or like BARGAIN LOVERS BLOG, to actually offer our consumers Amazon bargains and items from our site..

Like now, if you wanted to join up for Amazon Prime, and watch all those movies and TV channels tonight – how about that streaming television for the minor cost of about $8.25 a month compare to your local cable network? Theres the “Buy Now” banner right here:

This is another one of their freebies: you get the first month FREE as a trial to see if you like it!

One of the favorite features of theirs is the “Wish List.”
(see the Bargain Lovers article about that here)

As shoppers often see things that they may want or need – but can’t stop to look at it more closely, or afford just then, they can just slap that button and its there. There for all the world – and more importantly anyone who might be shopping to get them what they want for that special occasion.

But the real great thing is that it’s the “gift I really want” list for all the holidays.

So how about the other “wish lists” — the Wedding Registry and now the Baby Shower also. (see our article about the Wish List)

Now this is one of their innovations.. you can do that right here. Click the banner and it takes you directly to their site. Where your order is taken, and guaranteed and delivered and awesome and amazing largest book store in the world.. now selling millions of items that don’t have anything much to do with the books…

AND Bargains Lovers Blog will have the latest and best of their discounted buys here on our site – and thru our new “innovative” Newsletter – sign up today for a free gift.. 🙂

What else do we have that comes from Amazon? Their newest : Coupons.. and the ‘old’ promo codes – that changes and get added to so often you need to catch them every day. Check out our coupons section.

Have a great and Happy Christmas Shopping Event at the Worlds largest (and Best) book store. and let Bargain Lovers show you the way to all the super discounts and and free stuff too.

Be sure to visit our coupon page for free coupons and deals


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