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Some of the top Internet marketers will sell some of their best products, at nice discounts. And places online have the usual accessories for our hardware at deep discounts so check out our stores..

We’ll show you hardware and software super stuff at great prices including some sweet deals for your smart phones.

To start you off.. Try our Amazon link. What? Yup and great stuff there..

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Got Ink?

Who doesn’t need ink who works or plays email online?
Did you know what you’ve suspected all this time is really true? Yup! The manufacturers actually DO make the cartridges to hold less ink; and they base their profit margin on the sales of the ink cartridges!
Now you know why printers cost so little. And Yes! the cheaper ones use more ink.
We found Ink Farm to be one of the good guys when it comes to ink prices.. check out their prices… they have sales going quite often too. And when you get your ink – be sure to send me an email. 🙂






BE sure to check out all the offers.. there will be new stuff weekly, and lots of great things weekly in our newsletters..

If you’ve never used Fiverr for your websites needs.. you are paying too much. thousands of ‘gigs’ for Five Bucks. REALLY! And if you’ve tried it before.. sign up now and get on their specials list. Its free to sign up And you’ll get 20% off your first order (smart to make it a large order and save more).


PC Optimizer

If you don’t maintain your PC on regular basis, many PC errors may occur such as windows crashes, slow performance and error messages. Heres your answer — download and install this Easy PC Optimizer tool. It really works.. and guess the low low price — hehehe FREE


PC Keeper


Tweakbit PC Suite

Download PCSpeedUp for FREE to resolve speed issues and restore fast performance. It takes just minutes to set up.

Gearbest 2nd Anniversary Carnival



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You will find our Software Ticker here. Every day there is a FREE piece of software given away. Honestly! It starts at two minutes after 12:00 am each day and stops at two minutes to 12, at 11:58 pm.


Heres the deal. The software is complete, with license, and yours to keep. Some of the softwares may be trial packages, or plug ins. They are all researched and free of any viruses or problems. And they are like every other Freebie offers.. no catch to it.. just plain old advertising.
They also have free apps and games.

Now heres MY catch.. you gotta come here to click the ticker.. LOL 😀 And maybe find out how to get lots more great discount deals or Bargains or some promo codes for free shipping.

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My PC Backup



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