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Everyone who looks for Bargains and great deals  feels they’ve hit the Bargain Jackpot when they find something FREE 🙂

Then they get really disappointed when its only a half sized candy bar an not a designer handbag or a 52” TV   (LOL)

Then they remember the old saying.. the Best Things in Life are FREE!   Yeah.. they don’t mean a Mercedes they mean things like Love and family and the sunshine and air well air is free unless you need some in your tire then it’s a buck..   lol

But be encouraged because Bargain Lovers have some really nice FREE stuff to give out and/or  show you how to find them.    And, yes,  there just might be some half sized candy bars in the mix.

There’s free stuff here on this page.. and scattered thru the site.   There are Freebies in Geeksville

there are some in the coupons and actually a lot of things in  the Amazon area too.  (What?  a store giving things free?  Yup!  and lots of stuff and services too.  You just have to know where to look.




Free PC/Mac or Smart Phone Games – generally 4 to 6 games a day;
Free only today.. tomorrow you pay 🙂

Starting in another month or so – Happy Birthday will start and it will be all the free things that are available on your birthday –or in your birthday month – you gonna love it!

Why do producers, stores and makers give away free stuff…  DUH – why are there commercials on TV?  It’s a form of advertising.  Object:  to get you to try their product or brand.  So lets help them with their promotions and grab all the free stuff we can —   🙂



FREE  Computer Tools  Just
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Giveaway of the Day

Here’s some to get you started helping those poor manufacturers.

Free Samples are some of the best —  this is one is of my favorites.  Sure, some are “sample sized”  but it also has full sized and they are sent directly to your house;  and usually include coupons too.. well worth signing up…

Every time they come its like Christmas all over again…

and have fun with the other one:

Be sure to visit our coupon page for free coupons and deals


Daylynne Starr



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