Safe Online Shopping


Are you SAFE Shopping Online?

Is online shopping safe?
Is online Shopping Smart?

For smart and safe shopping online
Two basic steps will start you off right –

One: Choose a real off line store

Two: Make sure you are on their site,
not a fake one made up to look like theirs.
(here’s how you can tell:
From Mozilla Firefox)

One safe thing about online shopping.. you don’t have to worry about someone picking your pocket or grabbing your purse. 🙂 Or losing tract of your little

And heres how being smart will save you big money, with just a few precautions.

Online Retail Shopping

Online Retail Shopping is coming of age as the ideal way to shop. Its no longer the wave of the future.. it IS the future happening right before our eyes.

The largest retail online outlet in the world (Amazon) set themselves to prove online shopping is the ideal way to shop NOW.

Following Amazon’s amazing wave of huge profits, Walmarts joined online. Now both are looking forward to this coming holiday season as being the most profitable in history.

What does that have to do with you being safe?


Profit is everything

to retailers so they will make
Sure to guard that, especially with their customers.
People generally don’t shop in places they don’t feel safe. Being safe also includes the quality of the merchandise and the prices as well as check out and privacy safety.

A few years ago most people were afraid to shop online. Most people thought that online sites that sold items had no connection to real offline stores.
And therefore couldn’t be trusted.

They feared that the quality of the items might not match the prices. How could you tell the real color from a web page? Would items of clothing really fit right?

How did online and off-line prices compare? The clincher reason for avoiding online shopping was simple.

Was their identity and credit card numbers safe? How many thousands of people might have access to the information that the merchants needed to collect payment and secure delivery.

Add to that the horror of them all. Shipping, and the outrageous prices of it and the delays with warnings of shipping taking weeks.

Enter Awesome Amazing Amazon.

The innovation of Jeff Belozs founder of Amazon, and his amazing plan for his new venture took those problems into consideration before they happened.

His plan included overcoming them from the beginning. To the point that today, every item is guaranteed; the check out process is safe and secure and very simple; all disputes and refunds are handled quickly and simply; and the item
that clinched his success –

Accurate and FAST guaranteed shipping… at a reasonable and actual cost —

(Catch our video of how they solved the quick shipping here. )

But most important is that merchandise was available in all price ranges.. comparative shopping on the same page, and even used items from individual people.. and for us Bargain Lovers — even items at SALE prices! Plus reviews of the products from real people who bought them, and reviews were posted even if they were bad.

All of this almost makes shopping at Amazon better than shopping at the real stores. Well – almost 🙂
(see rest of Amazon’s perks in our article named Amazon Page)

What does that have to do with YOU being safe?

And what about other stores?

Now this gets really exciting. With the HUGE profit of Amazon and the volume of their sales, American retailers weren’t about to be left behind. Internet retail malls started popping up in last few years. Just like a real mall. No parking problems here.

These were NOT just little stores, but the same big name stores that you know and shop at offline. You know their quality of merchandise, and how they handle returns and your credit cards. They’ve been there in that same location for as long as you can remember. And most important of all, you TRUST them, you feel safe shopping there..

This is the same store, only their online version.
Think of it like a catalog. And even if you are one of those people that want to see and touch what you’re buying, you still can. You can go down to the actual physical store and do just that
Or order your items online and actually pay for it and pick it up at the store (some stores don’t have this service yet)

Who’s online now? About everyone! Every major “chain” retailers, from Walmarts to high end Macys and Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus and about everyone in between.

Are you safe shopping at these stores online? Are you safe shopping at them offline?

An Astounding YES!

Is there one other thing keeping you from joining the rest of the world of shoppers? How do you know if the store you are seeing online is the real thing?

You easily can Thanks to FireFox Mozilla For their great post Tips for safe online shopping.
Check it out here:

They not only tell you, but also show you with pictures of how to know if a site is secure, and the real one.
Checking your browsing information and how to use strong passwords, and even using your smart phones for your internet business.

And a Very Merry Happy Shopping time… safely.


Daylynne Starr


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