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A Do-It–Now wish to make this Holiday shopping season easy and happy..

Make A Wish-List

If you’re remembering the hassle of crowded stores; elbowing your way thru aisles; sore feet along with a drumming headache; empty wallets and maxed out credit cards – I’m sure your saying..

“Yeah ! I REALLY need to wish all that wont happen again! And maybe the shopping fairy will do it all for me. Sigh!”

Sorry, that’s not quite the kind of wish I was referring to… LOL

But this kind will help with all that too.

Amazing Amazon has a great feature on their site, its called a Wish List. While you are shopping there, when you see something you want to remember where it is, or want to buy it at some later time, there’s a little link there that says… Add to your wish list.

Its so handy! I’m a classical music CD collector, and it always seems when I find something I really want, my budget for those is gone. Click! And there it is waiting for me when the time is right.

I imagine you’re ahead of me now, and seeing some other great things about this feature. A few years back when I first discovered it, I started to use it for my gift giving list also.

When I’d see something ideal for someone on my list, I’d make a wish, and click I had it. Then, I also realized that it was like buying Christmas stuff all year, only I didn’t always have to buy it then, and try to hide it away.

Plus, I could budget it and even set money aside so the holidays didn’t take the toll it usually had. So make your wish — and eliminate the drudgery of holiday shopping and make it fun again. And have a great Happy Christmas!

OPPPPSSS I forgot –

P.S. — Amazon will also tell you when any of the items on your list goes on sale – or may only have a few items left. And they’ll remind you.

Here’s another idea –

Why not make that wishing go a little further?
Get all your family to each make their own wish lists..
Tell them to make it for all year, not just the Holidays. That way everyone will have a wish list that makes up everyone else’s gift list for all occasions. OH MY – can gift giving really be THAT easy?

This is especially wonderful for family and friends who live in different areas. Amazon will even gift wrap them for you, so you’ll never have to hassle with packing or shipping.

Just click here and get one started for yourself right now

As long as we’re still wishing, and making it true. — why not extend that idea with Amazons other wish lists?

Get this one. If you have one child in school, you will soon be the good fairy for buying all the other little kids in school birthday gifts too.. and all those other occasions.
Theres Kids birthdays lists and school lists too. Check them out and be the cool mom with all the lists. 🙂

Amazon didn’t stop there either…
They have the greatest Bridal Registry ever.. with wow benefits — like you can even list from other stores.
Bonus gifts to you, and after the wedding, a 10% off coupon for select gifts on Amazon…
Check it out today, if theres a wedding in your future..
Heres the link.. do it while youre thinking about it

Someone having a baby this year?

And the baby shower too
This is a fun one..
Free gifts and so many darling specials.. sign up
Now and check it out.

Here’s another fabulous wonderful service of Amazons.. they also have sites in other countries. You can buy it here from some ones wish list, in their country, then have Azon gift wrap it and send it from their facility in that country. Thus, there won’t be huge Shipping Charges, and NO customs taxes. Plus no worries about it getting there in time.
Now that’s a wish that’s come true even when its just too good to be true… cuz it is.. 🙂

Daylynne Starr


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