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Are you ready for the Biggest and Best Shopping Season EVER?

Drain the Piggy Banks – dig out the sofa change – count your balances on your credit cards. You are going to want every penny for all the upcoming Huge Sales – Closeouts—Clearances – Deals – and Bargains ever — ONLINE – followed by (if you’re really smart) Cash Back on almost every thing you buy!

And if all that doesn’t get your blood rushing — how about adding FREE STUFF to your list too?
WOW you’ll have the best of everything, and the only discounts missing will be if the stores start paying you to be a customer! LOL

Seriously, we at Bargain Lovers are going to show you all these great buys and how to find them, and where, and even when. When? Not just the Holiday seasons, but all year, and every month.

Along with all the ways and methods of saving money. We were amazed to find that there is almost nothing for sale in the world, that you can’t find a way to buy with a discount.

That’s exciting news in itself! The great thing is that we will Show you how to do it.. So that Yacht you’ve been looking at… we guarantee we can show you how to get a dandy discount of thousands if not millions of dollars!

Well OK yacht season is over – how about a minimum discount of around $20 to $40 + on your next trip to the grocery? (Without changing your eating habits) If you just saved 30 bucks each week at the Grocery you’ll wind up with an extra $1560. at the end of a year. Not enough for the yacht – but enough to get that thing in life you ARE saving for.

BARGAIN LOVERS BLOG will show you month to month how to hone your shopping skills and where to find the best deals, and hundreds of different ways to save on your spending. You can start today. In this issue we have some great breaking news about how Coupons can save you thousands each year. Hint: They aren’t just for groceries anymore, they have found a new life.

In the Amazon section, we have some fantastic bargains, and ways to find the big discounts.. only available here. We even made you an automated tool for finding the discounts.

Be sure to sign up for our Bargain Lovers Newsletter. Its Free (see – a deal already) and will give you promo codes and Free Stuff news. PLUS You get a free gift just for signing up. How could you go wrong on that one?

We’ll even let you know when the next yacht goes up for sale. LOL

Also check us out on Facebook. There are hints for instant money saving ideas.

And we’d really like your comments about our site and perhaps what improvements would be great. Or if you have any questions or suggestions, Just use the comment section below.

Thanks so much..

Great having you on board with us..

Daylynne Starr


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